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I am a Web Designer from the Hartlepool in the North East of England part of the team at GIK Media. Currently enjoying working on the latest project. You can find view my profile Here or Or follow me. Google+ >> Twitter >>

How To Lower Bounce Rate

How To Lower Bounce Rate And Keep People On Your Website From Gik Media

Yes, you may be getting visits to your website, however, are they actually staying there? This is called Bounce Rate, this is the amount of times people visit one page of your site and leave. This is actually a ranking factor for SEO, Google keeps track of your bounce rate. The lower bounce rate is, the better you’re going to rank on Google.

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The Lazy Person Armchair Marketing Guide

The lazy person armchair marketing guide

The internet hasn’t changed marketing its just allowed you to target a lot more people than ever before. The principles of marketing by getting in front of the right person at the right time are still the same. However, you can now do that from the from the comfort of your armchair, heres some tips for the perfect armchair marketing guide.

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10 Tips On How To Increase Website Sales

10 Tips On How To Increase Website Sales

So you have a website, but you need tips on how to increase website sales? Having a website does not necessarily mean you’re going to get sales through the site immediately, you need to nurture and develop the site so that not only drives traffic towards it and as an end result actually translates to sales. Here a range of tips we use that worked to increase our customers’ website sales.

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