Hotel Website Design Tips

Here is a range of hotel website design tips for any type of accommodation looking to improve their website. Getting your online presence correct is the best way of driving business to your hotel and filling up your room bookings.

10 Hotel Website Design Tips

10 Hotel Website Design Tips

Promote Your USPs.
Make sure you stand out from the other hotels in your area by heavily promoting your unique selling points on your website. You need to look at ways you are different from the competition, and make sure your potential guest knows why you are different.

Create An Email List.
Start as soon as possible building an email list of potential guests. Ask your guest if they would like to sign to sign up for further offers, include an email list sign up on your website, add a link to sign up to all your marketing. People are reluctant to give personal details, sometimes you have to run competitions and give incentives for people to sign up.

Remember Use Social Media To Drive Traffic.

Use Social Media To Drive People To Your Website.
You need to be entertaining and informative on social media, however you also need to sell your hotel to potential guests. Post about events happening in your area, things you are doing at your accommodation, use videos and photos, however always use a link to a website. You can use or to shorten your link if needed. Always activate the analytics on social networks to see your reach.

Actively Encourage Your Guest To Write Reviews.
One of the key things people look for is reviews when they are looking to book a hotel. You need to remind people and make it as quick an easy as possible for people to write a review. You need to remind people when they leave to write a review for your hotel. One idea is to have a page on your website that links to all the review sites you’re on, you can then point people to this page and allow them to easily find all the sites your on. Include this link on your business cards and brochures and have a link from your homepage.

Create Trust Show People What Awards You Have Won.

Create Trust With Awards And Certificates And Reviews.
On your website always show and link to the great reviews you have
so people can see how great you accomodation really is. This is a key way of building trust with potential guest looking for hotels.

Have Regular Special Offers.
Make sure you include regular offers for rooms on your website. When you have spare rooms put them on a reduced rate on the website and use social media, and your email list to promote the offer.

Have A Guest Page As Well As A Guest Pack.
Include a page on your website with ideas for trips out, activities, and events happening in your area. Inform your guest on arrival about this page so they can use it. Include a social media page with the same updates that people can follow. This is a great way to get people to follow you on social media you can create specific pages for this on networks such as Facebook, and Google+.

10 Website Design Tips To Get Your Site Rolling
Have A Daily Trip Ideas.
On your homepage have a daily activity that guest can visit. Set this so it changes regularly, you could rotate 20 local activities that update automatically.

Use Both Videos And Images To Show Your Hotel And Local Area.
Give people a chance to not only see your hotel show guest the local area that they are visiting. Use images and videos to help promote the local area.

Partner Up With Local Tourism Business.
Have cross promotions with local tourism businesses and link to each others website. This is not only great to drive traffic it will help your website search engine rankings.


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