The Lazy Person Armchair Marketing Guide

The lazy person armchair marketing guide

The internet hasn’t changed marketing its just allowed you to target a lot more people than ever before. The principles of marketing by getting in front of the right person at the right time are still the same. However, you can now do that from the from the comfort of your armchair, heres some tips for the perfect armchair marketing guide.

The armchair marketing guide on how to promote your business without leaving your house

And no you can’t cheat and get someone else to do it

Number 1 Social Media
You’re not going to get away from it. You know the rules, Engage, Share, Inform, Be Funny. Here are a few more advanced tips that might help you out even more:

  • Create list on twitter of potential customers and share their content and engage with them.
  • Don’t just sell be funny share some of those cats video.
  • Offer helpful tips about your industry, product, or service.
  • Don’t forget the networking hours always include the hoshtags.
  • Make sure you give people a reason to get off social media and visit your website.
  • Join groups on Linkedin and Google plus.
  • Don’t forget to always thank people and be grateful.

Pay-per Click
Yeah, it’s an effective way of getting the correct people to your website at the right time. If you’re running a PPC campaign to create a landing page on your website to point people to. One provision always keeps tabs on what you’re spending and getting in returns remember ROI (Return On Investment).

Get Those fingers typing, with some creative ideas.

Yeah, you’re reading one now. It’s one of the best ways to share advice and news about your business on your website. Also, it’s a fantastic way of getting people to your website and not only giving them a reason to stay but also come back.

Build An Email Marketing List
Now I’m not saying spam people, that’s a good way to lose business. However, targeting existing customers with new offers by email once in a while, or sending out your new blog post to people is a good way of email marketing. On some social networking sites you can also build a list of potential leads and target these people by interacting with their post.

Don’t Forget Youtube.

All Youtube is, is a search engine for videos, Get on youtube you can do it from your phone or webcam and share tips and advice and point people to your website.

Optimise Your Website
Yeah, get all your title tags, meta data, header tags, keywords density correction to make Google happy, but don’t forget your dealing with people at the end of the day.

Tell people in a short sentence what your product/service does for them.

  • Why they should buy from you and why you’re different.
  • Make the buying process as simple as possible.
  • Show how you a trustworthy.
  • Tell them all about your aftercare.
  • Remember ABC Always Be Closing Get Your Call To Action Working.

Always have an offer.
Now you’re thinking, yeah lets knock 10% off the price and get more sales. NO, that’s a bad offer everyone does it so why should people buy from you when the business down the road does it?

While you’re sitting in your Armchair think of an offer like this.

How can I improve my product/service that will help people more than it already does?

Let’s say you sell garden furniture, well why not put two or three items together in a package, or say if you buy our garden seats get a a heater with them for £X.

Or let’s say your a service provider like a business coach and your selling coaching sessions. Well include telephone support with it this month for £X. Always provide more value than you never need to lower prices.

Guest blogging is an important aspect of the armchair marketing guide.

Guest blogging
You know your industry so get out there and do some guest blogging, or write an article on Linkedin share what you know with the world from your Armchair.

Create A Social Media Group
You can do this on Linkedin, Facebook, Or even Twitter with hashtags, these are discussions that networking groups that you can manage from your armchair. It will give you some great PR and create brand awareness about your business.

Remember all your marketing should be aimed at providing value and getting people to take enough notice to visit your website and buy from you. If you need any website help, please take a look at what we can do.

A Guide To Great Website Design

Have you any armchair marketing guide tips, why not share them below with everyone?

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