5 Actionable Ways On How To Get More Website Traffic

5 actionable ways On how to get more website traffic from Gikmedia

Looking for tips on how to get more website traffic and increase your website sales then look no further. These 5 tips will get you all the traffic you need all you have to do is take the time to implement them.

5 Actionable Ways On How To Get More Website Traffic.

Social Media Can Be Your Most Important Traffic Source.
Concentrate on ways of getting people of Social Media and onto your website. its a hard task, however if done well social media can be a great source of traffic, however you need a great message and target the right people on social media.

Use Groups, Communities, and Networking Hours, to target the right type of traffic for your business. You need to post regularly and offer a great message to get people to visit your site. One good way of doing this is fear missing out create a time limited offer, or write tips for your industry that people want to read like this post.

Also make sure you claim your Social Media space. This means being active on all the relevant social networks both large and small. My suggestion have a core 3-4 social networks, and then have others that are relevant that you post on as well.

Claim Your Local Search Space.
The more your website is seen, the more traffic its going to get. Claiming local directories like Yell, Freeindex, and Google Places, allows your site to be seen more. Claim all your free listings and get your site noticed, this is a great tip on how to get more website traffic

Website To Claim:

Google Places.
Thomson Local.

Make Sure Your Website Everywhere.

Lower Your Bounce Rate.
Bounce Rate is the percentage of people who visit a page on your website and then leave without looking at another page.

The all seeing eye Google is watching you. They’re checking your website out and looking at how it works. Google, like any business want to supply the best results for their customers the people searching for things, if they see your website as a great place where people go and spend a lot of time on it visit many pages Google will start to like you.

Use analytics software on your websites to find out your bounce rate. Google Analytics is free and easy to install simple search “Google Analytics”

Always Remember Get People Onto Your Site And Aim To Keep Them There.

Give people a Reason To Visit.
Ask Yourself this question “Why Would You Visit My Website?” Would you visit it? You need to give people a reason to visit your website. Blow your own trumpet in all your marketing give people a reason why they should visit your site sell your Unique Selling Point.

The reason could be:

  • Give Away Freebies
  • Have A Great Offer
  • Tell people about how good your customer service
  • Share Some Great Info
  • Inform People About Your Great Product/Service

Get Blogging.
Write a Blog or produce a VideoBlog Vlog and promote it to get people onto your website. Always create a blog that is linked to your industry and produce information that people want to read. Always offer people helpful information and don’t forget to plug your business in the posts.

Blogging Is A Great Way Of Giving People A Reason To Visit Your Website.

Have you any tips on how to get more website traffic? Why not share them below with everyone?

Or if you need any help with your website please feel free to get intouch here.

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