Newbie Guide To Creating A Great Website

Newbie Guide To Creating A Great Website

Newbie guide to creating a great website from day one of the start of your business. These are the must know tips that will help you create a website that will get you noticed.

Newbie Guide To Creating A Great Website

Keep Your Site Fresh And Shout A Lot
I know you get your brand new website, build it looks great, and you start saying to yourself “I’ve built it so people will come”, recognise this? Just because a website exist doesn’t mean you’re going to get both visitors and sales.

You need to compound what you do online.
Yes, people like great content, but if they don’t know that great content exist, how are they going to see it? So create the great content and get on social media, forums, blogs, email, offline, basically everyone get people to your website.

Your website needs to give people a reason to visit it and shout that message as loud as possible.

Don’t Try To Sell, Spark A Conversation
I know everybody trying to get their own message out there and Sell, Sell, Sell. That’s the problem everybody trying to sell. They don’t understand the sales process. With the internet most people are going to shop around its easy you type what you’re looking for into Google.

We all know that people don’t like the heavy soil. No one wants to be chased by some sales person all day they will just switch off. Your website should not be there to give the heavy sell, it should be there to start a conversation with a person. You wouldn’t go into the street and bump into someone and say “Hi Buy This Thing” but you expect your website to do it.

The aim of your website should be to start a conversation.
Yes have a quick call to action button for the people who just go on and buy or the returning customer. However, for everyone else you need to guide them through the sales process and that starts by starting a conversation.

Don’t Sell A Product Or Service, Solve A Problem.

Think about it, when you shop, do know exactly what you’re going to even if you’re just buying a loaf of bread? You get to the shop and you might buy white or brown bread, or you buy a bread bun, or you buy a wrap or you decide against buying bread and you buy a ready made sandwich. What you’re really doing is buying something to eat.

Always sell the end results and don’t worry about the options.

Forgot E-Commerce, Think Me-Commerce
Understand your customers and create an experience for them. Create a website that welcomes them if you know their name, greet them with it. Create a sense of exclusivity, for instance, in your marketing say “This is for people who want to get fit”, or “This is only for successful businesses”. That creates a sense of exclusivity that most people will fit into.

Too many people are creating website that they like or they would visit create one that your customers want to visit.

Always Be Ready For Change With Your Website.

Change Has Always Been The Norm. Be Ready For It
Change on the internet will always happen get used to it. However, if you can recognise where the change will happen and get ready for it before anyone else, that is when you can benefit from change. Try to keep up with everything that’s happening on the internet and plan out for any changes you see.

Set Yourself Little Challenges And Goals
Always set new challenges, if you had ten visitors to your website last week aim for twenty visits this week. If you wrote two blog posts last week make sure you write two this week as well. Incremental steps that improve your website is key to success.

Stop Procrastinating Just Do It
Have a go and see what you can achieve.

If you have any tips on newbie guide to creating a great website please feel free share.

Or if you would like some help with your website lets have a chat.

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