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How You Can Make Your Blog Stand Out From Gikmedia

So you’re looking to make your blog stand out? You want to make an impact on the internet? And you’re not looking for the basic tips on making the design look good, and use killer headlines? Then look no further, here 10 insider tips to get your blog noticed.

How You Can Make Your Blog Stand Out

Get The Basic Right.
Yes the basic of design are very important, however you need to get your overall site correct. Design, headlines, copy, on and off site SEO, however you also have to consider user experience making fun and easy to use. We all need to make a little money, however keeping the adverts down and plan where to put them so they don’t distract from your site. Getting the basic of your site in terms of usability and appeal is an important aspects of making your blog stand out.

Define Your Audience Understand What They Want.
You need to not only understand the audience you’re targeting with your blog you need to know what that person looking for, what makes them tick, and you can engage with them. Plan your audience create a profile of your ideal reader, talk to people and find out what makes them tick.

Be Different From Everyone Else Carve Your Own Niche.
Yes have a look at what other people are doing, but never just follow the crowd. You need to stand out on the web, the best way of doing this is to carve your own niche be different, state your opinions and talk about what’s going on in the world and how that affects your niche.

Be Yourself.

Show Your Personality.
Make your blog stand out by showing people your personality add yourself and your experiences into the blog, be funny, informative, and write from your heart.

Be Funny Create Rapport.
All your posts should create rapport and challenge people, always offer them information. There are many ways of doing this, one of them is telling great stories, wrap your post up in a story of how you’ve helped people or what you have been doing.

Use And Incorporate Social Media.
The point of social media is to get people to visit your blog. Use it to promote your blog and drive traffic to your site. However cut down on the links to social media you work hard to get people onto your site don’t lose them back to social media, in an ideal keep the links to social networks down to follow and share buttons. Other options would be to include social media widgets to give people a taste of what your posting.

Mailing List And Social List.
From day one start both social media and create a mailing list of your followers, use this to target your followers. You can create lists and groups on social media these can be used as an extension of your mailing list. Some people will not give you their email address or give a false one, but a list or group of social media they may join.

A Picture Says A Thousand Words.

Use Images And Graphic To Emphasize Your Points.

A Picture Says A Thousand Words

Be Prolific And Post Regularly.
Always post regularly if you can’t update daily do it weekly. Create a schedule so people know when to expect a new post. Also, always keep the old post up to date, regularly go over older post and update the them. Googles and other search engines like to see up to date information and a site that is regularly changed is more likely to rank higher. You can also recycle these on social media as well saying you’ve updated an older post. This a way to re-target old content and make your blog stand out.

Change Things Up Once In While.
You have to change things up once in a while, write off topic, post something funny, add a video, or write a product review your visitors will be interested in. Breaking things up is not only a good way of getting more followers from off topic subjects, you will keep your current visitors interested. Changing the way you present your information is also a good way of keeping people involved.

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