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Don't Leave It To Fate Here's How You Can Generate More Website Leads Tips From Gik Media

So you need to generate more website leads? You should take a critical look at your website, ask yourself some questions is it easy to use? Is it getting visitors? Is it converting them to customers? Here are some tips on how to generate more website leads, they will help you improve your website and actually get it working on developing your business.

Tips How To Generate More Website Leads

Write A Website Plan.
Most people get a website it sits there creating nothing for the business, they pay for updates, hosting, domain renewals and still nothing. However, they say “We Have A Website Marketing Ticked Off The List”. This is potentially the biggest waist of time and money in their business.

A good marketing plan shows how you’re going to get people to visit your site. How the site will sell your business. What are the overall aims. How the plan and aims can be adapted and changed. Brainstorming and planning for your marketing is just as important as planning for the rest of your business. You need to develop a strategy to generate more website leads.

Always Build The Site With The End Goal Of Selling Your Business.
You need to understand the goal of your website. Normally the goal of most business websites is to sell the business or products to customers. All websites should be focussed on its goal, strip anything out of the site that gets in the way of selling your business. Sales landing pages, especially need to be totally focussed on the sale and everything that gets in the way of that should be removed.

Generate More Website Leads With A Clear Call To Action.

Have A Call To Action At The Top And Bottom Of Every Page.
Always consider scrolling and page length on web pages, have a call to action at both the top and bottom of your page. Or an even better option to have a floating call to action that follows visitors as they scroll down the page. Always make it easy and simple to buy from your website.

Speak To Your Customers In Their Language.
You need to understand who your customers are, are they technical, artistic, young, or old? Learning about your customers allows you to create rapport with them on your website. Produce content that they want and make sure it speaks to them.

Give People A Reason To Visit Your Website And Come Back.
Everyone works hard to get visitors, however, are you keeping visitors, and once they leave are they coming back? Give visitors a reason to come back or follow you on social media. This could be great info on a blog. Regular offers. New Products and services added regularly. Or something simple as a free prize draw for following on social media.

Get People To Engage With Your Website Not Social Media.

Cut Down Those Social Media Links.
Think about it you spend time and money on getting people to your website. Then what’s the first link on your site people normally see? It’s a link to social media. It’s hard enough to get people off social media and onto the website and everyone then sends them straight back. Have follow button to the networks your on, and share links. Then further down the page add social media links.

Use Social Media To Drive People To Your Website Not Take It Away Gik Media

Create Specific Landing Pages For Your Products Services.
Specific landing pages allow you to target the correct people to the product or service. You can optimise the page for search engines. Also, you can drive traffic to that page from social media, and links from websites. Its the best way to get people to the right page of your website.

Re-Target Old Customers To Generate More Website Leads.
If you have customers who have bought from you before send them an offer, or an up sell item. Never forgot existing customer you have a relation ship with already. If you have a blog send them your latest blog post to get them back on your website.

Always Create Trust

Send The Right Signals.
Create trust with, user reviews, testimonials, money back guarantees, refund options, secure payments, privacy policy, easy ways to contact you. All these build trust with people and makes the buying process easier and safer for people.

Personalise Your Website As Much As Possible.
We all can’t be Amazon, however we can offer personalisation. Allow people to sign into your website and display their name with a “Hello” or “Welcome Back”. You can also create a sense of exclusivity. Depending on if your B2B or B2C, say in your marketing this service is “Only For” business that are looking to expand, or this product is “Only For” people who want to get fit, etc. Now that would be most people and businesses covered however it does give that element of exclusivity.

Analyse And Understand Your Website

  • Analyse your Google Analytics data.
  • Identify where visitors are scrolling to and clicking.
  • Make sure you change pages that have a high bounce rate i.e. pages that people visit then immediately leave.
  • Know where your visitor are coming from, Social Media, Email, Search, or Referral link.
  • Understand how people use your site and which pages they go to

You can use this information to check what is working on your site and what isnt.

A Final Thought – Get The Basic Right.

  • Have a great offer
  • Put that offer in front of the right people
  • Give he people a reason to act now

Have you any tips on how to generate more website leads? Share them below in the comments

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