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Converting Visitors To Clients.

Converting Your Website Visitors To Clients
How do you start converting visitors to clients? It’s a tough question many websites have high numbers of visitors, however they don’t convert many of the visits to actual sales. Here we are going to be looking at a range of tips and strategies you can use to help you in converting your website visitors to clients.

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QR Codes Should You Use Them For Promotion?

QR CodesI get asked many times about QR Codes. Are they worth it? Should I use them? What should I add them to? These are all valid question however the first question that people should ask is does my website work on all Mobile Devices? There’s very little point in creating any marketing that people cant see/use and if your website does not work on devices that use QR Codes then fix the first problem and sort the issues with the websites first.

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Welcome To GIK Website Design Hartlepool Blog

Here it is Our first Blog Post. We are creating this blog to keep you updated on everything that’s going on on the internet with guides, industry information, and advice on creating and managing your website. We are a GIK Media a company specialising in website design Hartlepool and surrounding area.

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