QR Codes Should You Use Them For Promotion?

QR CodesI get asked many times about QR Codes. Are they worth it? Should I use them? What should I add them to? These are all valid question however the first question that people should ask is does my website work on all Mobile Devices? There’s very little point in creating any marketing that people cant see/use and if your website does not work on devices that use QR Codes then fix the first problem and sort the issues with the websites first.

So how do you create and use QR Codes?

QR Codes are really simple to set up, there are many websites you can use to create them all you have to do is add your domain name and click generate. The sites you can use to do this include



Once you have your code there are many ways of using them some ideas include

On Your Business Card
Add the code to your business card so that people can find more information from you by simply scanning your card and getting a direct link to your website.

Add it to all your print marketing materiel for quick access to your website

Local Businesses can use them on entrance to premises
Put a QR code on the door that gives people a file with your opening times, phone numbers, and website. A PDF hosted on a website is good for this.

Add it to Direct Mail
If you send a direct mail out add it to both the envelope/packaging and the letter.

Add it to Name Tags and Clothing
If your business have name tags or uniforms add the code to that so people can scan it and find out more about your business.

Consider where the Codes will be placed they require people who use a Mobile Smart Phone with the App and an internet connection so don’t fall into the trap of adding them to poster on subways with no internet connection.


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