Branding Social Media Sites Tips.

Most Social Media Sites offer the chance to customize the design of the page. This allows you to stand out from the crowd and gives the site continuity throughout all your web pages. Branding Social Media Sites will help to raise your visibility matched with good interesting content. To achieve this there are a number of things tips you should use.

Lets get started on Branding Social Media Sites

Be Consistent With Your Brand
Use the same design if possible on all your website from you main website across your Facebook, Twitter and all social sites. This gives you a continuity and brand recognition

Look Beyond Just A Logo
Branding Social Media Sites is not just about adding a logo. Would you follow just a logo or would you be more interested in who the person behind it is? People want to know about you your opinions and views. They wont follow you if the they’re going to get spammed with business promotions.

Add A Profile Photo
People like to see who they are engaging with, a pictures of yourself is important. Have a good quality picture of yourself somewhere on the page, or preferable use it as profile picture. Never use a passport picture (we all look slightly strange in our passport picture), get someone or pay to get a good picture and smile.

Be Unique
Don’t just follow what other do. Be unique and fun do things that fit your business that will stand out. Add a list of things that you are interested in so people know what you will be talking about. Use tag line and images that inspire people to follow you and your business. Don’t just be another generic brand.

Keep It Simple And Keep It Fresh
Don’t overcomplicate the look make sure its clean and simple sometime less is more. The design should be there to support the content on the page. Also keep it up to date if you change one site change them all. Also keep up to date with new features. All Social Media are competing with one another and offer new custom feature quite regularly.

In Conclusion
I hope these 5 tips have given you some ideas of what you can do with Branding Social Media sites. Now go out and make some changes see if you can improve your pages. Or if you want some help please feel free to contact us

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