Test Website On Mobile Devices

Using mobile devices to browse the Internet is becoming more popular, all website should be mobile ready. So how can you test website on mobile devices without buying a host of handsets? There are several options out there that will run test on website to give an ideas how they work.

Test Website On Mobile Device

How to Test Website On Mobile Devices

Here is a list of some websites and tools that I use to test website when I build them. These are all the free and easy to use.


This is an Mobile Emulator and allows you test a site on a range of devices from Iphones, Blackberries, Samsung Galaxy, and many more. It is limited in terms of browser types you can use, however its a good starting point.


Opera Mobile Emulator is a great piece of software you can download it and run it from your desktop and offers a wide range of devices you can test your site on. It is a great tool for checking sites on Opera Mobile Browser


Ideal for testing how ready your site is for mobile devices. It test for errors and best practices and is a great tool to help get your site mobile ready.


Another site that test the mobile readiness of your website. Its a little more user friendly than the previous as it uses graphics and has a lot of helpful tips.


This is a Ipad tester, its worth checking your site on as there are many tablet users and the market is growing.


These are some of the free options, there are obviously paid for option one that I prefer is Gomez.  However if you want a quick ideas of how your site will look on the major mobile devices on the market the options above will help.

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