Is Your Website Switching Customers Off?

Looking for tips to increase website sales could it be that your website switching people off from buying? You need to take a critical look at your website to see how well its performing. We have put together some tips to help you increase your website sales.

Is Your Website Switching Customers Off? Tips To Increase Website Sales.

Is Your Website Switching Customers Off? Tips To Increase Website Sales.

Tips To Find Out If Your Website Switching Customers Off?

Optimising Design and Copy for the Scanner.
Most people don’t read your website they scan it, try it yourself is your website easy to scan through?

Test it on mobiles.
Make sure it works on both Mobile and Tablets. You work hard to get customers don’t lose them because your site not working on all devices.

Don’t be to “Salesy”.
The easiest way to switch people off is to try and sell them something. The best website guide and inform they never just sell.

Emphasize what makes you different.
What makes you different from the rest? Does your website emphasize it?

Answer people questions.
Answer all key questions people have with short simple statements. Never overload people with information.

Have a clear precise call to action.
Once your website done its job and the person wants to buy. Make it easy and clear how they can make the purchase.

Send the right signals.
Is there any broken links or shoddy design? Creating trust and being professional is key to making sales. Would you buy from somewhere you didn’t trust?

Over Complex Checkout.
How easy is it to make a purchase from your website? Do you how many baskets are abandoned on your site? If it a high amount could it be down to an over complex checkout.

Make the first step easy.
Think about it your on a website should you buy or not? Make that first step to buying easy and low pressured. Have a request more info button, or an offer to new customers, create trust with baby steps.

Remove “Noise”.
Noise in marketing is anything that gets in the way of the customer getting the message, Remove anything that is irrelevant.

Implementing these tips will help to increase website sales, however improving your website and is a constant process. A great tip is to have some one who you trust however isn’t part of your business take a look at your website to see how user friendly it is.

Have you got any tips share them below

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