How To Improve Your Website Starting Today

Are you getting the best results from your website? Is it driving sales and traffic to your business? Most companies create a website and then forget about it thinking its there promoting their business. The best business uses it as a tool to actively advertise and drive sales. We will be looking for some tips to help you improve your website.

How To Improve Your Website Starting Today Tips From Gikmedia

How To Improve Your Website Starting Today.

Take A Critical Look At The Pages – eliminate links and pages that serve no purpose on your website you work hard to get people to visit your Website don’t lose their interest with useless information.

Layer Your Pages – layer your pages to get people interested at the top and as they scroll down include more supporting information.

Leverage Social Media – make sure you regularly post social media links to your website its a great source of traffic, especially aiming at your followers as they already have a relationship with you.

Address Potential Pitfalls – think of all the problems with your products/services and address them on your website make sure you answer all your potential customer objections.

Address The Benefits – what are the benefits of your product/services? Make sure you put all the benefits of your products/services on your website.

Stay Above The Fold – keep all your key points and information above the fold so people see it immediately with no need to scroll.

No Surprises – have you ever tried to buy something on a site get to the end and then VAT is added and you decide not to buy? It happens all the time be upfront with your prices and postage cost.

Criticise Your website – get your friends or people you trust to take a critical look at your website. Test the pages and the processes on them.

What Makes A Website Great?

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