How To Freshen Up A Tired Website

How To Freshen Up A Tired Website

So your website been active for a while you’ve been adding new content and features in that time, however you’re looking for ways to re-invigorate and give the website a makeover. There is an option of going out and rebranding your site, however this can be expensive. You can look at options of a makeover to refresh the look of your website. Let’s look at some ways on how to freshen up a tired website.

Tips To Revive A Tire Website

Fix The Inconsistencies
Your website will always become Inconsistent over time, as you develop and try new things the site will become out of step. Develop a plan and work towards a style, take out redundant elements and make sure everything fits your brand.

Offer Something New
You can change up what your website offers as well as how it looks, Add a new product or service that offer your customers something new. This gives people a reason to come back to your website to check out your new product or service.

Try A New Message
Your text on your website can be a little dull, add some fun to the site and get people excited about your business. Read through your text, change it up, add some new keywords and a try a different call to action.

Change The Pictures
Pictures say a thousand words and your website should use them to promote your business, however if you’re still using an old out of date stock photos freshen them up with new ones or add some of your own pictures.

A Bonus Tip On How To Freshen Up A Tired Website

Have A Goal And Work Towards It
Create a plan that incorporates all elements of your website. Ask yourself a simple question

Why Would Anyone Visit Your Website?

Answer this question and use this to plan your website out from Branding, SEO, Marketing, Sales, and Social Media. Have short, and medium, and long term goals. After you have done this you will no longer need to worry about freshening up a tired website, your website will always look its best.

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A Guide To Great Website Design

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