How To Drive Traffic To Your Website Content

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website Content

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website Content.

Are you making the most of your content marketing, is it getting the results you want. Let’s get started driving people to your website content.

Always have a plan
How are you going to use your website content. Have an initial plan on how to get your content in front of people, however, once the content is live create a plan for how you are going to keep driving people to it, and also keep it up to date. Key things to consider in your plan is:

How to initially get your content in front of people.
How you are going to keep it fresh.
How you are going to drive more traffic to it once the content has been live for a while.
What you have learned from it and how it will impact on future content marketing.

Give people a reason to visit
Your website content needs its own marketing campaign, you need to ask yourself why should people visit/read my content what’s in it for them? You then need to take this and put it into your content marketing give people a reason to visit. Is it fun? Informative? What does it offer the reader? Make sure you put the reason at the forefront of your content marketing.

Repost older content you have updated
Some content has a shelf life, however, some can be repeated anytime. Not everyone will see it the first time you post it so make sure you keep sharing and promoting your old content that is still relevant. Also you can update your old content with new information to keep it fresh you don’t always have to come up with new stuff all the time.

Social Media
Yes, we all know to post our content on social media but have you considered these:

Always use different headlines and break up your post for your content.
Ask a question about your content in the post get people intrigued.
Add an image that promotes your content.
Post at different times of the day to target different users.
Ask people what sort of content should you be writing about?

Post regularly
You should be posting and regularly updating your content as much as possible, it is an important aspect of your marketing so it’s an important aspect of your business.

Work with other people
Leverage your content with other peoples, create partnerships where you share your content with other people/business/content Marketings create some cross fertilisation. Working as part of a group of content marketers can not only be fun and informative it can help widen your audience.

Expand the number sites of sites to share on
Yes, everyone has a few favourite social media sites we like, we love Twitter here. However, that does not stop us sharing our content on a wide range of sites. We are currently planning on expanding into Stumbleupon, Reddit, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

If your B2B you need to be on Linkedin even if your not you should be on there as a business person. You can share your content to your connections, and also look for Linkedin Groups (similar to Facebook Groups), look for the top LinkedIn groups in your niche, join them and occasionally submit your best articles to them.

Blogging Communities
Yes, they’re still out there, look for a blogging community in your niche that you can share interesting articles with and occasionally submit your articles. These are not only a great source of traffic they’re a great way to connect with people who are interested in your area of interest.

Always have a sales pitch
That’s why you do content marketing to get people to buy from your business. Your sales pitch should be included in your content and ideally provide a solution, or is linked to what your content is about. Always make it clear and give people a reason to look at your offer.

So its that time here is our offer

If you need some help with making your website stand out or you’re looking to get a new website created take a look at what we can do to help you read more about what we can offer here.

If you have some tips on marketing content why not share them below.

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