How to Advertise for free.

The words free and advertising don’t tend to mix do they? Well there are many ways you can get some free advertising or publicity. It is important that you promote your website online as what is the point in having a brilliant website that doesn’t get visited? We have put the article together to give you some ideas of where you can look online for some free ways to promote your business.

The key with getting things for free is thinking outside the box. There are many blogs and website where you can share your views online. Think of sites like Yahoo Answers, where you can answer peoples questions. Or Amazon where you can write reviews on products relating to your business. There are also industry specific blogs, a simple search on the web and you can find many of these. If you then post relevant replies you can build traffic to your website who are interested in your business area.

There are many business review sites out there such as Qype, Freeindex, and Hotfrog. These are good for getting qualified traffic and some potential leads. They also do well in most search engine so they give you another chance to get found. They all offer free sign up and some have pay for listing to increase your visibility on there sites.

Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks are easy ways of attracting new clients and keeping old ones. They are free to sign up to the key with all of them is to use them. Talk about what’s going on in your business, offer free services, discussed industry news, and link to industry sites. Once in a while put a special offer on for your products or services.

Create a Video and talk about other videos on sites like Youtube Metacafe and Veoh these are some of the most popular sites on the web and receive massive amounts of traffic so use them to get some of them visitors for your site.

Free Classifieds website will not be the answer to making you a millionaire alone but spend a day when you have some free time and add your site and maybe a special offer. It is a great way to get qualified traffic and most will send you and email when your advert expires so you can re list with a click of a button. Even if you only get a few sales a year from these it worth a day work isn’t it?

There are many of these sites however here is a list of some of the free classified sites.

Craigslist is one of the most popular sites online, and for good reason. Here you can post free classified ads narrowed down by your location.

Put your Domain Name on everything: Maximize your advertising efforts by listing your Web site address on everything you do. Use the URL in your e-mail signature add it to everything you sign up for on the internet.

I hope these ideas have got you thinking about things and they help you to promote your business. Remember a websites are never finished they are all just a work in progress.

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