Have you taken a good look at your website?

Is it really working?

You wouldn’t believe how many people spend thousands of pounds on a website and think that’s it done. Creating a website is only the beginning all sites are an on going process. You need to build and nurture the site to get any return.

So from reading this I take it your looking at potential ways you can take a critical look at your website and improve upon it. Well I have some helpful information that will give you some great advice on how to improve it. The great thing is they are all free and easy to use.

Lets get started with some helpful information.

silktide is a great free website where you can run your website through and will give you a score on how certain parts of your website is doing. It will give you a score out of 10 for your website and a breakdown on things like Accessibility, Experience, Marketing, and Technology. It will also offers ideas and areas your site could be improved.


Industry Forums are a great source of advice and there’s no shame in asking people on them what they think about your website. In fact its a great way of some primary market research and all you have to do is register and ask a question then wait for replies. To find out where to find the forums just do a simple search for your industry and forums on any search engine.

We at GIK Media are offering a free SEO report for 1 keyword on your website. So think of the most important thing you want to get found on and tell us which search engine you want to get found on and well send you a report that compares your website with the top 10 websites for that search term its completely free and with no obligations.

How well build is your website? does it validate with the latest w3c rules. If not then people may not even be able to see or use it. Also search engines frown upon badly created sites, after all would you recommend a site that may not work correctly, So why should Google? Check your site at


Also If your site uses a Stylesheet/CSS don’t forget to test that as well.

How fast does your website load? Would you wait around for a site to load? Run a test on it and see if loads well. Try not to have a page take longer than 6 seconds to load, however if you can get it shorter than that its all the better.


There are many types of explorers/browser and most of them display website differently. Are you loosing potential customers through them not being able to view your website? Use the link below and run a test on your site to see how well it displays in a range of browsers.


Broken links can really effect how search engines view your site. There are a wide range of services out there that will check for broken links always test for this regularly.


Hopefully some of this advice will help you with your site. Remember web design is constantly changing and its important to change with it.


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