The Anatomy Of A Great Website Landing Page InfoGraphic

The Anatomy Of A Great Website Landing Page InfoGraphic Gikmedia

Key Elements Of Your Website Landing Page InfoGraphic.

Getting the basics of your Website Landing Page correct can have a dramatic increase in sales. There is a mass of competition on the internet, you have to stand out and give people a reason to buy from your business. Getting these basic 10 steps correct on your website can help you make an impact on the net and get your website working for you.

1. Have a great Headline that informs visitors about what you do, and that draws people into looking for further for more information.

2. Use a great pictures or video that represents you and your product or service.

3. Supportive information about you, what you do, how you do it, and why people should buy from you.

4. Links to your key Social Media pages that you are active on.

5. A clear call to action with price and a buy now button.

Always Include Supportive Information And Your Business Key Selling Points.

6. Supportive information on the key features of your product/service and what makes you different.

7. links to pages with further information use these for extra details.

8. Testimonials are a must get your existing clients to tell people how great you are.

9. Use the footer for links to further information about yourself, such as about us page, contact us and links to Partners and Trade Associations etc.

10.Includes links to all your social media pages you have profiles on and any review websites.

What Makes A Website Great?

Getting the basic of your website landing page correct is key to the overall success of your website. It’s a long process and you must test and measure your results. However, if you spend some time and get it right, you will see the returns.

Have you got any tips or a story about website landing page please share them below.

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