Using A Video To Promote My Accommodation.

Have you ever surfed through the internet looking for a holiday without really getting a feel of the hotel you are looking at? Have you ever considered millions of people looking through the web and coming across your website. Are they just hitting the home page and leaving? Could you improve your website by using a Video to Promote it?

A website only worthwhile if it works for you.

With new technology it’s now possible to stream a video on a website. This helps your customers get a feel for your accommodation better than just still images, and with the added benefit of music and sound. However the same thing that is said about websites in terms of them working for you can be said about a streamed video advert.

Every website needs to be looked at and improved they are all just works in progress, here are some ways you can get a website with streamed video working for you.

Do users see your Video? The simplest thing is to make sure the video in a prominent place on the home page. The amount of websites that have good content that no one ever comes across is amazing. Think about positioning. Make sure its above the fold so user don’t have to scroll to see it, you want people to see it as soon as they visit the site.

Use your video. You have spent a good part of your years advertising budget on a streamed video. Its going to increase business ten fold isn’t it. Well no, you have to use your video to get more people to see it. If your doing an email campaign for new customers why not use a link to the video on the email. Or if your adding your site to a directory put a link and say watch our video. Make yourself stand out.

Does all your viewers come through your Homepage? With search engines not every user comes through you home page. It can be overkill to put your video on every page as it will start at the beginning every time someone visits a different page and can be very annoying. However a prominent link on every page saying watch our video can be a good way of getting more people to view it.

Use DVDs. For a little extra cost why not have some DVD copies produced. Instead of sending people a brochure why not send them a DVD. Think about it you get 9 brochures from accommodations through the post and one professionally produced DVD which one stands out?

Getting it found. Remember search engines can’t index videos or images alone. They need to do this by the text content on the page. Use correct keywords in the content to get it found for the correct content. So if your a Hotel in Devon use them keywords on the page. However don’t go adding it fifty times as you will be seen as Spam. No one said Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) was easy. View our SEO Tips.

Keep all above in mind not one thing makes a websites but it can definitely improve it.