Prepare Your Website For Success

So your starting and business and you want a website so how do you prepare your website for success?

Prepare Your Website For Success

Like all things a website needs to grow with your business. It should be created with expansion in mind so when you grow your business the site should grow as well. You probably don’t have a large budget to start with so you have to get your website working from the start.

Tips on what you should be looking for in your first website.

Choosing The Correct CMS.
If you want to update your website yourself and save money at the same time you need to get it right from the start. There are many open source Content Management Systems (CMS) out there, most offer similar features. However building your site with one is key.

If you would like to include a blog WordPress is a must. However if you want a CMS for your website we suggest using Silverstripe. It has a great online community and good documentation and forums for helping you with problems. It is extremely easy and flexible to use.

Silverstripe >>

Designing For The Future.
Your new site should be designed for future expansion. You should be able to include new pages and content, add new user when staff join you. Adaptability is key to the design and production of any website.

Get Social.
Social media share and follow buttons should be added to your site. You need to use social media to advertise your business for free. However if you can get other people to promote your startup business for you it that is half the battle.

Put The Correct System In Place.
When your a sole trader its all on you. However when your new business starts to grows you need to put the correct system in place, who answers emails, who Tweets, who Blogs, and who deals with orders. Getting the process of your website correct and having the ability to adapt your site in future is key in preparing your website for success.

Google AnalyticKnow Who’s Visiting.
Google Analytic is a must its free easy to use and shows you how visitors use your site. It tells you where you are getting visitors from, what they are looking at, and where they are going. It a must have tool to improve your website.

Google Analytic >>

Prepare for success and it will follow.
You need to start from day one, a website that doesn’t bring you new clients is not worth having. You need to prepare your website for success from day one. It has to be flexible for you to adapt it and change it. Website like all advertising needs to be tested changed and adapted to get the best results and if your site cant do that its not worth having.

Have you got some tips on how to prepare your website for success.

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