How To Build A Successful Website

I get asked many times “how to build a successful website”? The answer is always, it takes lots of time and hard work, to produce a great website that is also popular. You need to get some basic things correct, then you can then go ahead and build upon a solid base and create a site that can be classed as a successful website.

10 Tips On How To Build A Successful Website.

Here are 10 tips for website success, get these basic correct and website popularity will follow.

Constantly Update.
Keep adding new content and features, to give people a reason to visit back, don’t just expect them to come back.

Get The Basic Right.
Make sure the site is well build. Check if its compatible on all Browser, Mobile, and Tablets, take a look at the article about Testing Website on Mobiles and Tablets here. Also check the code quality make sure it validates to W3C standard here.

Get It Found.
Get the Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) correct make sure all your Title, Meta, Alt Tags etc are all good. Also spend some time and get some quality inbound links.

Tell People About It.
To get some links, spend some time on other blogs and comment. Send emails to other sites in your Niche and ask for a link exchange, look for high quality sites with good Pagerank and never just spam.

Don’t Break It.
Put aside some time every month to check for broken links. There are many solutions you cam use to automate this do a search on Google and look for some link checker software.

Be Original.
Don’t follow the pack be different and creative, offer something that no one else has that you think will interest your target audience.

Make It Easy To Use.
Work on accessibility of the site make sure the navigation is easy and descriptive. Look at the website from the point of view of the visitor, ask questions like is it easy to use? Is the website clear? And could everyone use the site?

Do Some Research.
Ask your visitor questions, if its a e-commerce site create a Feedback form when people buy. Use this to take a critical look at your site, constructive criticism is good.

Be Clear About What You Want People To Do.
Have clear call to action. If you want people to buy from the website make the process simple and easy. Don’t have long contact forms that people will not complete, and only ask for enough information you need, everyone is becoming increasingly wary about sharing personal details.

Finally Have A Plan.
Plan the development of the site, know what you plan to do with website in the next 6 month/1 year. Make the plan adaptable to events and new technologies. Create goals that are realistic and achievable, and expect both success and failure.


These tips on how to build a successful website are a guide on the key features of a successful website. However there are no over night successes you have to maintain and develop the site to maximise its potentail.

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