Burton Domestics Project

Burton Domestics Website

The Project

We were commissioned to carry out a website redesign for Burton Domestics, a home appliance repair company in Burton on Trent. Our aim was to bring the existing website that was starting to look dated up to date. They also wanted a logo design and to change their corporate colours to red as before they where a dull blue.

As with all of our website we talked to them and came up with several conceptual design for the to choose from, once this was agreed on we moved forward and started to build the site.

Burton Domestics webpageBurton Domestics webpageBurton Domestics webpage

As you can see the site is designed to be very modern and vibrant and will be using Freeindex to manage there reviews

You can visit the site at >>

Now its time to move onto the next project…..


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  1. I like the color combination, it gets your attention and sticks in your mind. Visitors will remember a site because of the design and I think this one nailed it.

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