6 Social Media Website You Should Use To Promote Your Site.

There is a whole world of networking, and social media websites on the Internet, more than one person could use. Obviously there are many smaller sites for specific niche, however Im just going to look at the so called “Big” sites, the ones that can offer you the maximum potential to get the most returns.

Which Social Media Website should you be using?

Here is a list of sites you can use to both promote and drive traffic to your website. Lets start with what’s the biggest.

FacebookFacebook is a probably the biggest social media website, even with the fact that in recent weeks question has been raised about the business future of the site, you cant keep it down with rumours of a mobile device being launched by Facebook. It does look set to still be the market leader.



TwitterTwitter This is my personal favourite. Its definitely a great way with interacting with people. I use it to network, traffic, helping people, and posting articles I have found interesting.




PinterestPinterest Yes it been around for years but seems to be the next big thing. I have recently signed up for it and learning the ropes, it does seem to be a great site for promoting images of you business, However there are question marks over copyright infringement, so lets see what the future holds.



LinkedinLinkedin A great site for networking B2B. And promoting yourself online.




YoutubeYoutube Should be used in two ways, one to create viral videos adverts if your feeling creative, or you can use it for commenting on videos and building a profile.




Yahoo Answers Social Media WebsiteYahoo Answers There’s nothing like good Karma and answering people question and getting some links into your websites if you have enough points. Its a site I tend to take 20 minutes a day and check if there is any one needing help.



There are many other sites such as Google+, Tagged, Digg, and many more, and its about what feels right for you and your website. So get out there and experiment.

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