5 Tips On Using Social Media Websites To Get More Followers

We all should use Social Media to promote our website and get more followers, however doing it effectively with a return on the investment is key. Here are some basic tips you can use to improve the number of likes and follows on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Linkedin, without breaking the bank.

5 Ideas To Get More Followers.


Be A Good Citizen.

It seems obvious but these sites use the word social for a reason. So next time you visit one of these sites don’t just drop a link with your latest offer or post, spend some time interact with people, and you’ll will be build a following of people interested in you.


Entertain People.

You need to look at your post are they entertaining, would you follow yourself? consider posting some funny image or viral videos once in a while. Sometimes life not all about work.


Start A Discussion.

Take a subject and start a discussion about your field. Get a few people you know and set a time and talk about your industry or current trending topics, do this regularly at set times and you will gain new followers from it.


Get Some Good Karma.

Help others who need advice or have questions. Allow new and old clients to talk too you on social media. By doing this you become approachable and not just individual promoting a business.



I know I said 5 but I couldn’t help it. This is probably the most important,  have an opinion don’t just regurgitate stand out from others. By doing this people can get a understanding of who you are.


Everyone wants to get more followers and its not particularly hard to get new ones. The key is to get good followers who you can interact with, sometimes numbers look good however they can offer little benefit.

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