10 free and simple things to improve your site.

It can be quite daunting managing a website. It’s the old question how much money do I spend on it? Here are 10 free ways to improve a website. They are aimed at getting more visitors, and hopefully converting them to new customers for your business.

Everything below is free and with a little knowledge can be added to your site without paying for a web designer.

Lets Get Started With Free Ways To Improve A Website

Google Analytics.
Is a free tool offered by Google that allows you to see how visitors are finding your website, what they are looking at on your site, and most importantly how long they are spending on it. This in-depth information can be used to massively improve the number of visitors to the site and also your website lead and sale generation.

It can be quite confusing at first, however, there are a lot of helpful topics on the internet about Analytics, most of the information is self explanatory.


Social Media.

Its a fact now your business needs to be on social media. Its a great tool for targeting potential customers. Now you don’t need to be on every social media site all the time. Yes try every social media platform, however be pragmatic. Test what platform you like, what works for your business, and most importantly what gets you results.

So get out there talk to people, engage, and promote. Use them as a way to target potential customers and entice people onto your website.

There are a range of options to make it much easier and more manageable you don’t have to be there all the time try.


If your looking for a tool to see how well your doing on social media try


Create a Blog.

It may seem old hat now, and most people will tell you Social Media has taken over. However a blog can be an easy way to give your visitor more in depth information on what is happening in your industry or about you.

The key to creating a great blog for your business is to write about what your customer want, and use it as a lead generation tool to drive people to your website. Also include a call to action in your post to drive sales from your blog.

Things you should be blogging about:

What’s Happening In your industry and business.
Helpful tips and tricks.
Insider guides.
How to guides.
Always remember going off topic and having fun is important too.

You can start creating your own blog with the Word Press software at the link below.


Don’t forget other search engines.

Yes Google dominates the market at the moment however its not the only search engine out there so make sure you submit your site to all of them.

Always remember the second biggest search engine in the world that everyone forgets Youtube.

Submit to directories.

Getting more inbound links to your site will not only help you get more traffic it improves your rankings on most search engines. There are literally thousands of directories out there, some are generic for everyone and some are industry specific, do a search on Google to find them.

A word of warning though. Some directories ask for specific criteria for selection, and some you will have to pay for. Don’t just add your site to any directory this can do more harm than good keep away from directories with pornographic or hate website, use your common sense.

Keep in mind the page rank of the directory you are submitting to as well. The higher the rank, the better, however they tend to have stricter criteria for submissions.

Below is a link to some generic directories listings.


Email other website for link exchanges.

Find websites that offer a similar subject to yours and ask them if they would consider a link exchange between the two sites. This can be a cost effective way of getting more links.

Create a news or offer section on your site.

You may need the help of a web designer to do this buts its not beyond anyone with the correct software and a basic knowledge of website to do. Its similar to what you should be doing on a blog or twitter only its for you website. A key aspect of Search Engine Optimisation is keeping your website up to date with relevant information and this is an easy way of doing it.

Update the text on your website.

As we have already stated its important to keep your site up to date. If you have prices or services on it make sure they are correct. Try to add new information and features to the site when ever possible.

Create an email signature with a link to your site.

If you have an email address create an email signature so every email you send has a telephone number and a email address for your business.

Post on Forums that relate to your website.

Find forums that relate to your website and start using them, make sure you add you web address on the signature. Forums are good sources of information and search engines consider them extremely important.

I hope the information above helps you and improves you website if you would like to find over ways to improve your site please feel free to contact us.information above helps you and improves you website if you would like to find over ways to improve your site please feel free to contact us.