Ways To Promote Your Website For Free

Good Advertising that’s effective is not cheap, however there are some free ways to advertise your website that actually work. All you have to do is invest a little time and effort and you can promote your website for free.


Promote your website for free

10 Free Ways To Advertise Your Website Online.

Find Your Social Niche.
We all know about the big three social media websites Twitter, Facebook, Google+. However there are many more social sites out there. Some of the smaller ones are actually easier to make an impact on as there are a lot less competition to fight against. This is a great way of getting your message out there and promoting your own website.

There are many social media websites out there, however we recommend

Email Still Works.
You cant just rely on one channel of advertising, everyone still have and use Emails, and Email Marketing done correctly stills works. People need to be engaged multiple times before they buy. You should use Emails to support your other marketing efforts and point people at your website. Send out your latest articles or even offers to your mailing list.

Use your Email Marketing to encourage people to visit your website. Look for new subscribers by offering people great content, competitions with prizes, or money off vouchers if they sign up. Build a small network of current and potential customers who you can engage with.

Free Classified Still Work Locally.
Putting classified adds for your products or services on local classified sites such as Gumtree Local Page is a great way of promoting your products to the local area. Also consider posting offers for free samples of your products, sweepstakes, and other give away.

Some great classified sites include

Become A Video Star.
Youtube is not just for watching videos of cats and dogs. You can market yourself on it. If your feeling creative and have a good camera why not produce your own video. You can post it to your website and get visitors from Youtube. Creating multiple videos about you or your niche and creating your own Youtube Channel can help you get visitors to your website and new followers as well.

Alternative you can search out videos relating to your niche and comment on them. This is a great way of building a following on your Google Plus page.

Article-Submission Sites and Guest Blogging.
If you have a blog get posting great content about you and your business. If not you can still use article submissions websites and guest blogging on other blogs.

Guest Blogging.
Get in touch with blogs in your niche and ask if you can write a guest post. Most bloggers welcome guest posting and as long as your professional about it they are open to guest. This helps you get your message out to new people and also a reciprocal link back to your website.

Article Submission.
Is a great way to promote your website for free. It is slightly different, in that you write the article and share it with everyone. This helps with both targeting new people and getting more inbound links to your website.

Great Article-Submission include

Online Forums Still Rock.
There’s still a massive amount of online forums about everything from cake making to search engine optimisations. Find a couple that belong to your niche and interact, be useful, thoughtful, and helpful, to get some good karma and once in a while post a link to your website, offer, or content. However never just Spam!

Get Involved in Business Sites.
There are many business related websites out there you should check and participate in some like Freeindex allow you to create a profile and even send you leads to local businesses looking for your product or service. They are a great way of getting traffic and promoting your website.

The sites include

Ask And Answer Questions.
Website like yahoo answers allow you to ask and answer questions on any subject, they also allow you to link to your “source” so if you have an article on the questions you can link to it for some free traffic. It will also have an Search Engine Optimisations (SEO) benefit. So your not only helping people your getting traffic to your site.

Websites include

Networking Hours.
Many social have specific networks, or networking hours for businesses. They are a great way of finding businesses and making new contents. Use these networking to promote your content, and offers with links to your website.

Some networking hours includeTwitter Hashtags And Times
#BizHour – Weekdays 2pm – 3pm
#GBHour – Friday 4pm – 5pm
#B2BHour – Tues 3pm – 4pm

Small Business Market UK
UK Small Business
UK Business Circles

Commenting On Blogs.
Commenting on blogs is great way of improving your SEO and driving traffic to your website. Do a search for high page rank blogs that allow do follow links Find Out More Here. Once you have a list of these types of blogs comment on post that relate to your website and get a link.
Try and add a few relevant keywords to the post and the link but never just spam the comment. Normally some one has to approve the comment and they won’t approve a spammy post.

Do you have some ways to promote your website for free please share by leaving a comment below.

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