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Here is a new recently complete website project for Your Golf Mind a site based on improving your golf game through personal coaching. The aim of the project was to produce a website that promotes the golf coaching service and also allow latest news and content updates, and allow for further development to the site in the future.

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Building Your Golf Mind – Discover Your True Potential

We worked with the owner of the business John to develop a website that worked for his company, we went through the design stage and came up with a concept he was happy with and felt represented his business. We also helped in on the technical side of managing the site giving him a basic training course on website management. We also worked with Your Golf Mind on the website content.

We produced a mobile friendly easy to use website that could be developed further in future.

What the customer thinks

John the owner of Your Golf Mind Said:

I met Ian for the first time back in March at the Grosvenor Casino in Newcastle during a networking event called tweet up.
I must say at that time I was looking for someone to help build my new web site. I had previously spoken to many other web designers and found I was wasn’t really getting anywhere in terms of setting up my page. Nothing against the others just never felt comfortable speaking with them and what they had to offer. I found that when talking to Ian he was very clear with his vision on how things could work from the start.
Ian kept it really basic for me to understand and not complicated. We have developed a great relationship over the past four months. I found Ian to be very friendly and open with the progress of how the web site would look.
I can not thank him enough for his help and I look forward to carry on our work together as the business grows.
I would  recommend if you are new or existing business   and you are looking to expand and develop further with a new web site then please give Ian a call. And I am sure he will support you through every step as he has done with.

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